Tokyo Toy Run 2023


Fellow riders, with regards to this year’s Toy Run, understandably the orphanages cannot support having large gatherings due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation and concerns for the children's health.

That being said, the kids should not be deprived of the usual Christmas cheer!

Here’s what we came up with: Rather than do our traditional Toy Run, there will be a coordinated Toy Drive. What that means is that we are still asking riders to provide two (or more) gifts that will be collected by volunteers at the Ebina Service Area (OSM link) on the Tomei Expressway (Westbound, away from Tokyo), where we traditionally meet up.

The date will be Sunday, 10th December starting at 8:00 a.m.. We'll be at that Ebina meet up place until 10:00 a.m. to allow for any late sleepers or stragglers to have an opportunity to bring their gifts for collection. These will then be delivered in selected cars to each children's home by a few volunteers.

As always, we ask that all riders show up as 'normal' - in full Santa, elf or reindeer suits as if it were a traditional Toy Run.

Beyond the actual work done at the children’s homes, the parade of “Santa Bikers” is always a thrill for the general public at the meet up areas, and en route, promoting good will and it often brings in new participants for future 'Runs.

For riders associated with other forums, please get this information out to as many of your groups as possible so that we can collectively put big smiles on the faces of these children who, like all of us, have had their worlds turned upside down by the current pandemic. Even though this year is different, please remember to check out the FAQ at the top of this page to make sure this year is as safe and successful as all the others.

(If anyone wants to coordinate a safe, distanced group ride to a designated location where riders can congregate and perhaps grab a bite to eat before or after the meet up, then that wouldn't be bad either!)

Merry Christmas!









This article was updated on November 14, 2023